For 70 years, Massa has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of electroacoustic products for ultrasonic sensing in air and for underwater commercial oceanographic sonar applications.  Massa has also developed and manufactured a wide range of sonar transducers and systems specifically for military use.  Massa is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Air Ultrasonic

For Air Ultrasonic applications, Massa has pioneered the development of a wide variety of electroacoustic products for commercial applications. Some of these are ultrasonic sensors and transducers for non-contact liquid level or distance measurement in air. We have a line of Standard Sensors and Transducers to meet most any requirement. Our sensors are available in wired and wireless versions, including C1D1 certified. We also offer custom design sensors for OEM’s and private labeling. Please contact one of our application engineers to discuss your measurement needs.


For Oceanographic applications, Massa has developed and manufactured a wide variety of underwater transducers for use specifically by the oceanographic community.  Our customers include major universities, oceanographic institutions, and commercial oceanographic companies. Massa Sub-Bottom Profiling transducers are well known in the hydrographic survey industry for durability, performance and reliability. For example, the TR-1075 Sub-Bottom Transducers are used by survey vessels to map the sediment layers of the ocean floor.

For Military applications, Massa has developed a wide variety of different underwater transducers and systems that have been used for virtually every sonar requirement. These include low-frequency, high-power sonars for surveillance, mid-frequency sonars for surface ships, passive and active sonars for submarines, anti-mine sonars, acoustic torpedoes, underwater navigation and communication systems, biomimetic autonomous vehicles, and harbor defense systems.  Massa has successfully performed on more than 650 development and production contracts.

Certifications and Product Approvals

Export Policy

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