Recent Whitepapers by Donald P. Massa, President & Chief Technical Officer, and Dawn F. Massa Stancavish, New Products Manager
Using Ultrasonic Technology in Challenging Situations & Environments

1.  Obtaining Close Target Detection Ranges and Strong Echoes from Uneven Surfaces with Ultrasonic Sensors

Massa Whitepaper 1Don Massa, a pioneer in the field of electroacoustics, explains the advantages in transducer designs, beam angles and dual transducers to achieve desired results in echo detection as close as 1 inch in a variety of applications. This paper illustrates that ultrasonics can be used to obtain measurements in environments that were once thought to be problematic, such as with uneven surfaces and solids.

2.  Avoiding False Echoes from Fixed Structures When Using Ultrasonic Sensors for Water Level Measurement

Massa Whitepaper 2Discover how advanced ultrasonic technology can give you desired measurements in applications such as flumes, weirs, pipes, tanks, wells, basins, and cooling towers. Read how ultrasonics have greater capability than many once thought – the most advanced ultrasonics are low cost options that deliver the best value for your application! Learn how to gain the ultimate control over your target measurements despite obstacles.

3.  Understanding How Frequency, Beam Patterns of Transducers, and Reflection Characteristics of Targets Affect the Performance of Ultrasonic Sensors

Massa Whitepaper 3Do you know how to pair various sensor capabilities with the appropriate application? Learn how to optimize your sensing capabilities by understanding more about how beam angles, beam patterns, and frequency relate to different environments.  Ultrasonic beam patterns can come in different sizes and shapes – knowing what works where and why, gives you an unsurpassed advantage in sensor selection!

4.  Increasing Power to Overcome Sound Attenuating Vapors or Poor Targets and Avoiding False Echoes When Using Ultrasonic Sensors

Massa Whitepaper 4High performance from ultrasonics can be achieved in environments when there are presumably weak targets caused by high attenuation due to poor surface reflection or vapors. Elimination of false and unwanted echoes is also feasible with advanced controls and insight. Don Massa explains how all this is possible.



5. Ultrasonic Transducer Optimization Can Increase Sensor Reliability
– Even in Caustic Environments

Discover how the transducer within your sensor influences performance and reliability.  Massa implements the same quality controls in place for the sonar systems manufactured for the U.S. Navy in all industrial and commercial products.  Some MassaSonic® products used in industry that were deployed in the 1980’s are still running in the field without replacement required.  Massa has manufactured advanced sonar products used on the submarines that protect the American people for years with zero rejects.

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