Massa is Proud of Our Associations with Numerous Commercial Partners

The following is a list of many of them, with brief descriptions of our connections:

International Distributors:

Uvit – Il Cingolo, Srl

Uvit Il Cingolo LogoUVIT is an Italian entity that started operating in 1965 offering to the Italian market the first solutions for torque control. In 1975 the company was incorporated as UVIT Il Cingolo Srl. The company’s goal is to provide quality solutions for mounting, control, and maintaining all kinds of equipment and plants. Their team of highly qualified mechanical and material engineers specialize in torque, tensioning, and ultrasonic testing & measurements, in order to provide a large breadth of solutions to more than 2,300 customers. To learn more about this dynamic company, please visit

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):


Digi LogoMassaSonic® SonAire® M3 Sensors are designed to communicate with Digi’s line of ConnectPort X gateways, including cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and satellite versions, for backhauling data to a customer’s network. Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions include adapters, modules, extenders, and RF-based Ethernet cable replacement products. These products can be used to connect sensors where no wired networking infrastructure exists or where access to an existing network is prohibited. The M3 Sensors screw into the top of a storage tank and automatically commission themselves with a Digi gateway and the iDigi cloud. This allows customers to instantly connect to their remote storage tanks, and monitor tank levels from anywhere in the world. To speed product development, Massa integrates the M3 Sensors into Digi Tank, a wireless M2M solutions bundle that includes the hosted software and services (see New Boundary Technologies below) necessary to quickly and easily build applications for connecting and monitoring remote tanks. For more information about Digi Tank, visit:

New Boundary Technologies

New Boundary Technologies LogoNew Boundary Technologies creates enterprise software solutions to provide complete control of remote equipment. Their TankVista service gathers tank level readings from Massa ultrasonic sensors and presents them in an interactive web dashboard. E-mail and phone alerts are sent based on user-defined thresholds. TankVista lets customers monitor and manage their industrial, oil and gas, and agricultural storage bins and tanks from anywhere, 24/7. Visit for more information.

ATEK Products

Atek Products and TankScan LogosATEK Products is the preferred business partner for Industrial Sensing, Security, and Safety Systems. For over 60 years, they have been the “company behind their brands” providing their customers with fully engineered solutions, product design, and support. TankScan™, a brand of ATEK Products, is a remote level monitoring solution for liquid tanks. Used for database and inventory management, TankScan™ allows you to control and monitor tank levels remotely through the use of wireless monitors, controllers and a software database. This unique and reliable product delivers timely tank level measurement data to our customers, providing them with improved and manageable operational efficiencies. For more information about ATEK Products, please visit:, or to read about TankScan Remote Level Monitoring, visit:


Binmaster LogoBinMaster is a leading worldwide manufacturer of continuous and point level indicators for bins, tanks, silos and other storage devices.BinMaster offers inventory management solutions including Massa ultrasonic and SmartBob cable-based level sensors which are integrated into the BinView remote Web-based bin monitoring system. Other level detection devices include 3D Level Scanner non-contact sensors, guided wave radar, rotaries, capacitance probes, vibrating rods, pressure and tilt switches. The company provides reliable, proven sensoring devices for the measurement of powders, bulk solids and liquid materials for the feed & grain, food, plastics, chemical, pulp & paper, bioenergy, power, aggregate & concrete, and mining industries. BinMaster is a division of Garner Industries – an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 1953 and headquartered in a 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. For more information about Binmaster, visit:

Peabody Engineering

Peabody Engineering LogoThe Tank WATCH-IT System is a turnkey remote monitoring solution. Peabody Engineering utilizes the best from industry leaders to offer a packaged solution and one offers Massa’s Kynar housed non-contact ultrasonic sensors, Digi Gateways for anywhere connectivity over LAN/WiFi/Cellular, and New Boundary web interface and user defined alerts. Visit or our YouTube Video to learn more.


S2Cloud LogoSensors2Cloud is a specialized internet of things solution-as-a-service provider. They help businesses improve processes, save money and enhance customer service by using the power of internet of things.The company offers a flexible template-based platform for customers to provision sensors, customize applications and manage users. Their Tank Management Applications periodically collect data from your tanks using MassaSonic® SonAire® M3 Ultrasonic Sensors to provide you with the data analytics you need for inventory management, reconciliation, and just-in-time deliveries. Please visit: for more information.

Cannon Water Technology, Inc.

CannonWater Techology LogoCannon Water Technology Inc. is your first stop for industrial and processed water treatment equipment, chemicals, services, chemicals and training. The company is located in central California and has over 30 combined years of experience in the industrial HVAC water treatment community and can get your needs met at lower cost with faster results. Cannon proudly offers the SensaTrack liquid level remote monitoring system. SensaTrack is ideally suited for monitoring tank levels online via our state of the art wireless level sensors. The SensaTrack platform connects tanks, bins, totes, reservoirs, silos, rail cars and tankers. Virtually any application that requires level monitoring, SensaTrack can handle it. For more information, visit:, and

Integrated Solutions Group

Integrated Solutions Group LogoIntegrated Solutions Group provides project management and integration services for remote tank, bin and asset monitoring solutions. Using the TankVista™ web platform from New Boundary Technologies, we can provide you with a powerful web-based platform for viewing tank and bin levels, as well as any other electronically measured data for remote assets. ISG has been providing bulk product VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solutions and supply chain consulting for over 10 years. They know what it takes to put a successful VMI program in place for bulk products. For more information, visit:, or contact ISG at 651-330-0303 /

Vendors & Suppliers:

NFI Corp

NFI Nameplates for Industry LogoNFI Corp is the global leader in manufacturing custom, high-performing printed graphics. The wide array of solutions includes long-lasting barcode labels, serial number labels, domed labels, asset tags, tamper proof labels, metal nameplates, and electrical membrane switches. Backed by 40 years of success – and fueled by a commitment to innovation – NFI Corp is certified in ISO-9001, MIL specs, UL®/CSA/CE/RU, Lean Manufacturing, and Green Workplace. From design to delivery, NFI Corp’s certified experts guide customers through every step of the process. Finished products meet strict quality standards and can endure any environmental condition including salt water immersion and extreme temperatures. Visit to learn more.

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