Massa Provides the Best Possible Customized Solutions for Sensors, Transducers, and Systems

Contact us today to discuss your specific sensing needs, and how we can provide customized solutions for your applications that will succeed where others have come up short.

  • Massa has been awarded over 165 Patents, and continues to add to the ever growing number.
  • Massa offers “off the shelf” sensors and transducers, and modifications of those products can be provided upon request.
  • Massa has Electroacoustic Design and Production Engineers to enable us to quickly develop the exact transducer or sensor system that is best for a particular application.
    • Electroacoustic transducers are the heart of ultrasonic systems.
    • To properly optimize the design of most ultrasonic systems, the design of the transducer must first be optimized for the particular application.
    • Systems designed using “standard transducers” usually are not as functional, reliable, robust, or cost effective as those in which the transducer was optimized first.
  • In our 70 year history we have designed, fabricated, and tested hundreds of experimental and production designs of different ultrasonic and sonar transducer and sensor systems.
    • Massa has the unique ability to rapidly and inexpensively customize our designs to deliver solutions for customer requirements and applications.
Massa Harness the Science of Sound
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