Don Massa Presents at Sensors Expo 2016

Understanding How Environmental Acoustics and Transducer Characteristics Affect the Performance of Ultrasonic Sensors

Significant effects on performance of ultrasonic sensors for proximity or distance measurement can be caused by the acoustics of the environment and the characteristics of the transducers used in the sensors.  This session will provide a basic understanding of these effects.

Sensors Expo & Conference is the longest running, premier event in the sensors industry.  Donald P. Massa, President and CTO of Massa Products Corporation will be presenting this topic at the conference on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Don Massa Presents at Sensors Expo 2016


Please visit the Sensors Expo & Conference website for more information about the conference:

Sensors Expo & Conference 2016 Brochure  (See Page 21)

Sensors Expo & Conference 2016 Schedule





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