Automation/Factory Applications

MassaSonic® Sensors control a multitude of industrial equipment including printing presses, packaging machines, film extrusion dies, ink wells, and grease lubrication systems.  Many of the MassaSonic Sensors below are a good match for this industry.  The newest addition to our sensor platform is the MassaSonic FlatPack® – a desirable dual transducer sensor that features a slim housing that can fit into tight spaces where many sensors cannot. FlatPack also offers exceptionally close target detection as close as 1 inch!  FlatPack is great for conveyors, conveyor blockage, hoppers, and other automation and factory monitoring applications.  For example, distribution of solid material carried on a conveyor belt can exhibit lumping or piling that can jam a line – the FlatPack is ideal to detect undesirable lumping due to its MassaSonic dual transducers and broader beam angles.  Please contact a Massa Applications Specialist for more information.


Recomended MassaSonic® Sensor Series
 PulStar   FlatPack    SonAire   mPulse Custom
Packaging Operations Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Web Loop Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Roll Diameter Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Position Detection Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Conveyors Check-Mark Check-Mark
Hoppers & Chutes       Check-Mark Check-Mark
Blockage Detection  Check-Mark Check-Mark
Lubrication Oil Sumps/Tanks Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Other Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark

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 PulStar  FlatPack mPulse
PulStar Series FlatPack Series mPulse Series
RANGE: 4 inches to 20 feet
(100 mm to 6 m)
1 inch to 13 feet
(25 mm to 4 m)
 4 inches to 40 inches
(100 mm to 1 m)
OPERATING TEMP: -40ºC to 70ºC -40ºC to 70ºC -20ºC to 65ºC
INPUT/OUTPUT: RS-485, Vout, Iout RS-485, Vout, Iout RS-485, Iout
MOUNTING:  1 inch NPT  1 inch NPT 30 mm diameter
M-30X1.5 threaded tube


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