Power Generation Applications

MassaSonic® Sensors are exceptionally deployed in this industry segment.  We deliver cost effective monitoring solutions for use in cooling towers sumps/basins, distribution systems, chemical tanks/totes, boiler water property management, and more!  Outdated float measuring devices can often corrode and jam your system –upgrading to an efficient MassaSonic PulStar®, SonAire®, or customized ultrasonic or sonar solution can save your business time and money.  PulStar is IP 68 rated, and SonAire is available in both standard and intrinsically safe versions – both sensors are chemical resistant.  Please contact a Massa Applications Specialist for more information.


Power Generation
Recomended MassaSonic Sensor Series
 PulStar   FlatPack    SonAire   mPulse Custom
Cooling Tower Sumps   Check-Mark Check-Mark
Cooling Tower Basins   Check-Mark Check-Mark
Boiler System
Chemical Tanks
  Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Cooling System
Chemical Tanks
  Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark
Other Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark Check-Mark


Photographs link
to more information:
 PulStar-Photo-Cutout-on-PMS-549  SonAire Sensor
PulStar Series SonAire Series (M3 / M3is)
RANGE: 4 inches to 20 feet
(100 mm to 6 m)
 4 inches to 35 feet
(100 mm to 10.7 m)
OPERATING TEMP: -40ºC to 70ºC -30ºC to 65ºC
INPUT/OUTPUT: RS-485, Vout, Iout  Zigbee
MOUNTING:  1 inch NPT  2 inch NPT


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