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Our SonAire® Series M3is (Intrinsically Safe) Sensors consist of battery operated wireless level sensors that inter-communicate using ZigBee RF Modules. These sensors produce detection ranges from 4 inches (100 mm) to 13 feet (4 m).  SonAire Sensors are designed for operation in typical industrial applications, and Intrinsically safe SonAire M3is Sensors are specially designed for use in hazardous environments.  SonAire M3is Sensors are certified by Factory Mutual as meeting the requirements of Class 1 Div 1 (C1D1), All Groups, which is the highest rating.

MassaSonic SonAire Series M3 and M3is Sensors


SonAire® Series M3is Sensors  

Incorporating state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, SonAire Sensors provide precision non-contact distance measurement for liquid level or industrial process control.  M3 and M3is Sensors stand out because of their affordability, ease of operation, and ability to be installed and calibrated without using a target.

SonAire M3 and M3is Sensors transmit narrow beam sound pulses, process return echoes, and report the distance to the target. The sensor housing material is all Kynar (PVDF) to provide the ultimate in chemical resistance in the harshest industrial environments.

SonAire Sensors measure and store information such as range, temperature, battery voltage, and other sensor parameters at user-set time intervals. An internal pushbutton switch is used to commission the sensor onto the ZigBee network, and an LED identifies the operating mode.  SonAire Sensors are RoHS compliant, and the package is rated for immersion and high pressure washing in accordance with IP67. The batteries are commonly available lithium AA type and are easily accessible for replacement.  Typical battery life is 2-4 years.

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MassaSonic SonAire M3is Sensors
150 kHz 95 kHz
Detection Distance
4 inches
(100 mm)
12 inches
(300 mm)
Detection Distance
7 feet
(2.1 m)
13 feet
(4 m)
Class Intrinsically Safe
Wireless Yes
Output Zigbee
Housing Material PVDF
Mount 2 inch NPT
Radio 100 mW
Operating Temperature -30°C to 65°C
Datasheet Link SonAire Series Sensor (M3/M3is) Datasheetpdf


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