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WHITE PAPER: Increasing Power to Overcome Sound Attenuating Vapors or Poor Targets and Avoiding False Echoes When Using Ultrasonic Sensors
High performance from ultrasonics can be achieved in environments when there are presumably weak targets caused by high attenuation due to poor surface reflection or vapors. Elimination of false and unwanted echoes is also feasible with advanced controls and insight. Don Massa, President and Chief Technical Officer of Massa Products Corporation, explains how all this is possible.

Massa is a leading innovator and pioneer in the field of ultrasonics for use in air, chemicals and water, and has been for more than 70 years.  The company specializes in designing and manufacturing the highest quality level sensors that are ideal for non-contact distance measurement in even the harshest environments.  Massa produces several different series of level sensors and monitoring transmitter modules that provide reliable continuous level or distance measurements of fluids, pastes, solid bulk materials, or mechanical structures for application ranges from 1 inch (25 mm) to 35 feet (10.7 m). Many of these sensors are ideal for level switch applications.

Throughout our 70 years of experience, Massa has developed and produced hundreds of different ultrasonic sensors, transducers, and systems for a wide variety of OEM applications.  If you have a specialized sensing requirement, including a level switch or through wall application, we can develop a customized solution by leveraging our large design portfolio.

Our current lines of Ultrasonic Sensors are described below.  For more information regarding which of these sensors is recommended for specific industry segments, please visit our Industrial Applications page, or contact one of Massa’s knowledgeable Applications Specialist.

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 PulStar M-300 Sensor  
PulStar® Series FlatPack® Series
RANGE: 4 inches to 20 feet
(100 mm to 6 m)
1 inch to 13 feet
(25 mm to 4 m)
CLASS: General Purpose General Purpose
INPUT / OUTPUT: RS-485, Vout, Iout RS-485, Vout, Iout
MOUNTING:  1 inch NPT Surface Mount

PulStar Seriespdf

PulStar TTLpdf

FlatPack Series pdf


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more information:
SonAire® Series
(M3 / M3is)
mPulse® Series
RANGE:  4 inches to 35 feet
(100 mm to 10.7 m)
 4 inches to 40 inches
(100 mm to 1 m)
CLASS:  General Purpose or
Intrinsically Safe (C1D1)
 General Purpose
INPUT / OUTPUT:  Zigbee  RS-485, Iout
MOUNTING:  2 inch NPT  30mm
DATASHEETS: SonAire Seriespdf mPulse Seriespdf

All MassaSonic Sensors are field proven reliable in applications including fluid and solid level measurement, distance ranging, and object detection.  Our sensors are deployed in application verticals that include water-wastewater, chemical manufacturing and distribution, mining, agriculture, and machine automation, just to name a few.  MassaSonic Sensors are designed to function flawlessly in the most rugged environments including harsh chemicals, submersion, temperature extremes, and most notably challenging detection conditions including fluid turbulence and uneven solid surfaces.

Massa Product Specialist

All of our innovative products are supported by an experienced applications team,
ready to provide assistance with installation and sensor commissioning.


As a family company, Massa Products Corporation places the highest emphasis upon quality in all we do,
where it begins not as a 
statement, but as a value.  Quality is our policy; this is the case from the earliest stages
of our designs, through the final production of our products, 
and most importantly with the relationships
we nurture with our customers, and vendors – it is evident that with Massa you’re family.

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