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Massa TR-1075 Sub-Bottom Profiling Oceanographic TransducerMassa has developed and manufactured a wide variety of underwater transducers and systems for use specifically by the oceanographic community.  Our customers include major universities, institutions, and commercial companies. Massa Sub-Bottom Profiling transducers are well known in the hydrographic survey industry for durability, performance and reliability.

For instance, Massa’s TR-1075 Sub-Bottom Transducers are used by survey vessels to map the sediment layers of the ocean floor.  These sub-bottom surveys are needed for oceanic cable/pipe burial operations, locating structures and exploration for oil and gas.

Listed below are a few of our many oceanographic transducers and connectors.  If you have a specialized application, Massa can quickly develop a Customized Solution, often by leveraging our large design portfolio.

MassaSonic® Oceanographic Product Datasheets:

 TR-1075 Family of Sub-Bottom Profiling Transducerspdf

 C1F2 and C1M2 Underwater Connectorspdf

TR-1077A Deep Water Sub-Bottom Profiling Transducerpdf

 TR-1055 Family of Deep Ocean Transducerspdf

Many other products and solutions and available.  Please contact a Massa Applications Specialist to discuss your specific oceanographic sensing needs.


As a family company, Massa Products Corporation places the highest emphasis upon quality in all we do,
where it begins not as a 
statement, but as a value.  Quality is our policy; this is the case from the earliest stages
of our designs, through the final production of our products, 
and most importantly with the relationships
we nurture with our customers, and vendors – it is evident that with Massa you’re family.


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