SonAire M3 Evaluation Kit

SonAire M3 Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor Developers Kit Guidepdf

This Kit provides an easy method to evaluate the Massa/Digi wireless tank level monitoring solution.  It is preconfigured to get the SonAire M3 Wireless Sensor up and running quickly.


The SonAire M3 Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Solution Evaluation Kit Includes:
Wireless Ultrasonic SensorOne of the following: SonAire M3/150 for small tanks or SonAire M3/95 for taller tanks.  Please consult the factory for special order solutions for very tall tanks.
Digi International X4 Gateway P/N X4-Z11-E-A (Zigbee to Ethernet), and Power Supply
USB to Serial Converter, Ethernet Cable, Null Modem Cable, and CD containing:
a)  M3 Application Software
b)  USB Converter Drivers
c)  Digi Device Discovery Software
d)  Getting Started Guide

Special Discounted Price Offer

Intrinsically Safe C1D1 available upon request, add $200 to below:

SonAire M3/150 Sensor Kit  (measurement range up to 8 ft.) $1,170
SonAire M3/95 Sensor Kit  (measurement range up to 13 ft.) $1,200
SonAire Long Range Sensor Kit  (Special Order Only)
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