SonAire® M3 Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor Developers Kit Guidepdf
This Kit provides an easy method to evaluate the Massa/Digi wireless tank level monitoring solution.  It is preconfigured to get the SonAire® M3 Wireless Sensor up and running quickly.


The SonAire® M3 Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Solution Evaluation Kit Includes:

Wireless Ultrasonic SensorOne of the following: SonAire® M3/150 for small tanks or SonAire® M3/95 for taller tanks.  Please consult the factory for special order solutions for very tall tanks.
Digi International X4 Gateway P/N X4-Z11-E-A (Zigbee to Ethernet), and Power Supply
USB to Serial Converter, Ethernet Cable, Null Modem Cable, and CD containing:
a)  M3 Application Software
b)  USB Converter Drivers
c)  Digi Device Discovery Software
d)  Getting Started Guide

Special Discounted Price Offer

Intrinsically Safe C1D1 available upon request, add $200 to below:
SonAire® M3/150 Sensor Kit  (measurement range up to 8 ft.) $1,170
SonAire® M3/95 Sensor Kit  (measurement range up to 13 ft.) $1,200
SonAire® Long Range Sensor Kit  (Special Order Only)

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