Military Applications

Over 70 Years of Experience in Electoacoustic Design & Manufacturing

Massa has developed, and continues to develop, a wide variety of underwater electroacoustic transducers and systems that have been used for virtually every military requirement.  These include low-frequency, high-power sonar for surveillance, mid-frequency sonar for surface ships, passive and active submarine sonar, anti-mine sonar, acoustic torpedoes, underwater navigation and communication systems, biomimetic autonomous vehicles, harbor defense systems, and more. Massa has been awarded over 165 U.S. Patents for innovation in electroacoustics, and has successfully performed on more than 650 development and production contracts.

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Submarine Sonar

Sonars on Submarines

Autonomous Vehicles

Biomimetic Autonomous Vehicles

M-1002 Portable Sonar

Mid-Frequency Sonars

M-1210 Sonar onP erry Class Frigate

Harbor Defense Systems

Project Artemis - World's Largest Sonar Projector

Low-Frequency, High-Power Sonars

Sonar Navigation & Communication Lane Marking System

Underwater Communication & Navigation



As a family company, Massa Products Corporation places the highest emphasis upon quality in all we do,
where it begins not as a 
statement, but as a value.  Quality is our policy; this is the case from the earliest stages
of our designs, through the final production of our products, 
and most importantly with the relationships
we nurture with our customers, and vendors – it is evident that with Massa you’re family.

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