Many articles written by Massa employees, especially Frank Massa and Donald P. Massa

The co-founders of Massa Products Corporation, Frank and Don, have been published in a number of professional journals and trade magazines. In addition, a number of articles about Massa have been written an published by different Magazines. For printable copies of a few of these publications, please follow the links below:

Massa Leads by ‘Doing the Impossible’.pdf – Sea Technology, November 1985

Sonar Transducers: A History.pdf – by Frank Massa, Sea Technology, November 1989

Frank Massa, a Pioneer in Electroacoustics.pdf – Undersea Technology, February 1972

(Massa) Uses Sound to Clean Tools, Dye Cloth, Do Other Jobs.pdf – Boston Sunday Post, September 13, 1953

Radiation of Sound .pdf – by Frank Massa, American Institute of Physics Handbook, Third Edition, 1972

Ultrasonic Transducers for Use in Air .pdf – by Frank Massa, Preceedings of the IEEE, Volume 53, No. 10, October 1965

Choosing an Ultrasonic Sensor for Proximity or Distance Measurement
by Donald P. Massa

Acoustic Considerations and Optimizing Sensor Selection  – Sensors, February-March 1999

An Automatic Ultrasonic Bowling Scoring System – Sensors, October 1987

Recent Whitepapers by Donald P. Massa and Dawn F. Massa Stancavish

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