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MassaSonic PulStar

PulStar® Series Sensors  

MassaSonic PulStar Series Ultrasonic Sensors are ruggedly designed transmitting modules that provide reliable continuous level or distance measurement of fluids, pastes, or solid bulk materials for application ranges from 4 inches (100 mm) to
20 feet (6 m).  Incorporating state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, all PulStar models provide precision non-contact measurement for applications such as factory automation, process control or tank level monitoring. 

The PulStar Series is the next generation improvement to Massa’s Legacy M-300 and M-320 product lines, and are completely backward compatible with existing M-300/M-320 installations and software. PulStar Sensors are RoHS compliant, IP68 rated, and available in two versions.  Please see our PulStar page for more details, or contact a Massa Applications Specialist to discuss your specific sensing needs.


MassaSonic FlatPack

FlatPack® Series Sensors

MassaSonic FlatPack Series Ultrasonic Sensors are compact low profile ultrasonic transmitter modules optimized to provide continuous non-contact distance measurement of fluids, pastes, or uneven solid bulk materials in constrained working zones for application ranges from 1 inch (25 mm) to 13 feet (4 m).  They are ideal for turbulent or uneven detection surfaces, and when mounted in tight spaces such as pipes.

Incorporating state-of-the-art dual-transducer ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, all FlatPack Series Sensors provide precision measurement for factory automation, warehouse materials control, pipe and conveyor belt blockage, or tank level applications with non-uniform surfaces.  Because of the unique dual transducer design with 15° system beam angles, it is unlikely that the maximum range capabilities will be much affected by solid materials with uneven surfaces, as occurs with single transducer sensors with narrower beam angles.  See our FlatPack page for more details, or contact a Massa Applications Specialist for assistance.


All of our innovative products are supported by an experienced applications team,
ready to provide assistance with installation and sensor commissioning.


As a family company, Massa Products Corporation places the highest emphasis upon quality in all we do,
where it begins not as a 
statement, but as a value.  Quality is our policy; this is the case from the earliest stages
of our designs, through the final production of our products, 
and most importantly with the relationships
we nurture with our customers, and vendors – it is evident that with Massa you’re family.

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